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Do we need to change the way we raise boys? I need 4 arguments to support my viewpoint.

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The short answer is yes. Obviously, there is a major problem with sex discrimination and differences in the world today, and there are some clear indications of this.

First, men are more frequently the perpetrators of sexual abuse and violence. The only way to properly rid society of these perils is to raise boys to be more respectful and caring individuals and to show respect and protection to women instead of seeing them as objects or to be taken advantage of.

Second, men who experience anxiety and depression frequently go unreported or without diagnosis, and this leads to high rates of suicide or drug abuse among men. This is a perilous situation that is tamped down because of society's expectations of men being strong and not showing weakness.

Third, there is a simple lack of equality in the world today. Regardless of who is in leadership or who earns more money, men and women are simply not treated equally. It is vital to teach boys to be respectful and show equity to girls so that they grow up into a more equitable society.

Finally, men typically respond more violently to bad situations, leading to violent acts of crime. Boys should be raised to avoid physical violence and to share their emotions in a healthy manner.

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y0601 | Student

Do you feel that the way we raise boys have changed in any way? When we tend to ask our selves questions like this " Should we change the raise we raise boys? " , we must ask why do we feel that way? Do you perceive things diffrent from when things felt when you were growing up as a toddler ?

I believe we have all changed shifts and we must start asking maybe we should start changing the way we perceive we must raise kid's. We cuase more harm then good, I say trying to cause more good then harm.

By simply allowing the boy's to be in what they feel a safe and happy environment is we not allow creativity to grow but inner self trust. Allow the boy to tell you how he want's to be raised , by simply protecting his out skirts and allowing him free range to his creativity.

I simply can not add more to this discussion because every where around the world boy's are raised to a different standard and can not be compared to others but simply admired and taught self love from within.

To answer the students question, We should change the way we continue to raise OURSELVES the boy's will be fine when learning from example.