Harrison Bergeron Questions and Answers
by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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Do we have any idea of what sort of ruler Harrison might have been in Harrison Bergeron (6–7)?

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When Harrison Bergeron enters the television studio, the first thing he does is to proclaim himself Emperor. The second is to demand obedience from everyone. The third is to declare himself the greatest ruler who ever lived. From these words and from his subsequent actions, it is fairly clear that Harrison would be a tyrant.

Years of abuse at the hands of the Handicapper-General could scarcely fail to leave their effect on Harrison. He would obviously remove all the handicaps from his people and reward excellence in every endeavor, as he promises to reward the musicians by making them barons, dukes, and earls. The British feudal titles, however, are an indication of just how far Harrison would go in the opposite direction from the society in which he grew up. He would hate the very idea of equality and leave anyone with lesser abilities to perish in the brutally Darwinian society he would undoubtedly create.

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