Do vampires have sex in "Twilight"?I was reading "Breaking Dawn" and I know that they can't have babies, but can they still have intercourse? I was reading "Breaking Dawn" and it was at the part...

Do vampires have sex in "Twilight"?

I was reading "Breaking Dawn" and I know that they can't have babies, but can they still have intercourse? I was reading "Breaking Dawn" and it was at the part when Bella and Edward just got their cottage, and they started kissing but then the paragraph ended and it was morning, or something I don't know, I'm confused, so can they have sex or not?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since vampires are mythical creatures, authors have the freedom to make them do just about anything. Note that in the Twilight books, vampires can come out into the daylight without harm. In most other stories, vampires burst into flames when exposed to sunlight. In Charlaine Harris's books, not only does sunlight kill vampires, but it also causes them to fall into a deep sleep, making them doubly vulnerable. Another series in which a vampire becomes pregnant is the "Underworld" movies/books. In the first movie, a werewolf named Lucian falls in love with the vampire daughter of Victor, and she becomes pregnant. When Victor finds out, he lets his daughter burn to death and tortures Lucian. This leads to a war between vampires and werewolves. In the "Blade" movies, the character Blade becomes a half-vampire because his mother was pregnant when she turned.

In F. Paul Wilson's book "Midnight Mass," vampires are pure evil and make fun of humans who pretend to be vampires or who think vampires are sexy.

Use your imagination!

ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, in this novel and the series we can assume that vampires do indeed have sexual relationships.  In the relationship between Edward and Bella, they come very close to being sexually active several times.  Edward, however, wants to wait until they are legally married.  After they are married they go to a private island to honeymoon.  It is during this time that we learn that Edward and Bella have a sexual relationship.  The first time it happens Bella is black and blue following the relations, and Edward does not want to do it again, but Bella talks him into it and eventually Bella becomes pregnant.

shannonsuddath eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, if you look back in the beginning of the book Edward refers to a discussion he had with Carlise about the consumation of his marriage, as well as conversations he had with Jasper and Emmett. Also, if you read carefully, Emmett gives Bella and Edward a hard time because they haven't decimated houses like he and Rosalie did when they found each other.

jbrenw | Student

Yes.... Yes they can.

futuremrscullen | Student

Yes they can

missy1992 | Student

Yes they do - that is how bella falls pregnet.

as male don't really change between pubity and gettin old, male vampires can have children; however, because female must change to accomidate pregnency, female vampires can not become mothers.

in the book Breaking Dawn bella and edward do have sex BUT details are not given - only that the next day bella is black and blue.  bella and Edward have sex at leatse twice before she is turned.  vampires can have sex AFTER being turned but are unable to have kids.

Well according to Stephenie they do.

but in breaking dawn my friend told me they explained the sex scene but when i read it,it didn't tell me?I want to know if they do explain it

smorez14 | Student

You will find that out when you read breaking dawn... if you ever read it. Vampires do have sex and it is a greater craving to them then it is to humans.

sid-sarfraz | Student

Well its fiction. According to the author vampires can have sex. If you just concentrate on the book, it is clearly told that vampires can have sex but cannot sexually reproduce. 

If you want to know about what happens in real world then well you gotta find a vampire but well sorry to say they don't exist. 

These are imaginary characters so just read, watch movie and enjoy. 

zumba96 | Student

Vampire are mythical beings. Based on this the author can make vampires vegetarian, evil, blood suckers, or really hormonal. But yeah in this case they do have intercourse and she suggests it by saying how I think Rosalie Emmett broke a lot of houses down together based on their intercourse. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Yeah they do, Stephanie Meyer leaves a lot of innuendos about the topic of intercourse. Especially the conversations that Bella has had with Emmett  and Rosalie. Emmett has refereed to their first year together has a process of knocking down house after each house. Also keep in mind of the age range of group of people who are mostly reading the series which are teens so Meyer had to leave scenes like that open ended in order to the keep the book pg... somewhat.

msnewbooklover | Student

actually they can have sex cuz thats how bella was pregnant but if we focus on their discussion about sex...edward said to bella that alice n jasper and rosalie n emmet has physical interaction...clearly indicating that they do have sex

sassyme10 | Student


helloiamhalima | Student

they have sex in breaking down not in twilight

hamletu | Student

Yes, in fact, the vampires in Twilight do engage in sexual intercourse.

Note the comment that Edward makes, something along the lines of "You see my family going about their tasks during the day, but you've been sleeping nights." which is clearly meant to insinuate that in fact vampires are highly sexual creatures.


spazzer23 | Student

Yes they can. If it is a vampire to vampire there is no pregnancy but like we all found out if a male vampire has sex with a female human it crates a half-breed. :) hope i could help

cnutter200923 | Student

yes they can have sex which it does explain in breaking dawn it just doesn't give details to make the book to graphic for the readers. However in the book right after the first time they have sex and bella wakes up black and blue and her and edward get into a fight about how he hurt her shes asks him if he is going to "sleep" with her again and he jokes about not being able to sleep and then replies seriously " no I will not make love to you again not until you are turned I will not hurt you again." and as far far as bella not remembering the experience she doesn't which it explains the morning after when she tries to remember when there had been a single painful moment during the course of the night but she couldn't remember to effectivly answer the question properly all she could remember was the bliss. It also explains it more in detail toward the end of the book when she meets the male Nahuel who is half vampire half human. Vampires have the ability to incapasintate their vicims both with venom and charm Nahuel's father uses his incapasitating charm to inpregnate women to create what he believes to be a super race. Since the women that he has sex with only have the ability to remember how wonderful it was and nothing else they don't remember what he looked like just that he was a heavenly angel, they feel nothing but love and joy for both the baby and the vampire. Which also creates the inability to destroy the child before it is born. Thus making the repopulation possible, but only half way as they are still half human. Which gives them the ability to learn and grow unlike the imortal children who are pure vampires and can't be taught and can't grow and potentually become a menace to the vampire world and have to be destroyed. 

helena23 | Student

yes they do have sex becuase bella ends up pregnant but what i dont get is that they do give some sort of memory of the intercourse for example bella says i believe she doesnt remember but i heard from my friend that edward replies saying something like it was so great you forgot or something sexual like that that is what my friend says is that wrong idk but for sure they have sex becuase she is pregnant unless she cheated on edward, doubt it he never lets her out of his sight and he could read minds so he could read all the guys minds and find out so yeah that was a long answer but yeah they do .

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