Do you think the witches control Macbeth's fate? Or does he control his own future?

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This is an interesting question that certainly fits one of the main dichotomies of the play between fate and free will. Although the witches play a significant role in Macbeth's choices, the two times that they give him prophecies, the play overall more supports the idea that Macbeth is responsible for his own choices and therefore has control over his actions.

For one thing, the witches are only depicted as creatures who foretell events. They are not shown in the play to have the power to change or manipulate the future, only to have some knowledge of it. Therefore, when they meet Macbeth and Banquo in act 1, scene 3, although they give prophecies to each, they do not give indications as to how the events will or should come to pass. Instead, they leave the prophecies in the hands of Macbeth and Banquo to interpret. One of the ways that the reader can rely on this idea is through the character of Banquo. Although Banquo does consider the witches' prophecies themselves, he is more concerned...

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