do u think the peckham murder case was a case of divine vengeance?

aartihelpdesk | Student

I had already answered the question previously, but however, here it is ....

Divine vengeance is the main essence of the uncanny classic, "The Case for the Defence", by Graham Greene.

Initially, in the story, Greene presents forth that at least one of the Adams are certainly the murderers. This can be understood clearly by the number of evidences (witnesses), and the manner of writing of Greene. Greene continues to develop suspense in the plot. The scene yet plays loopholes and ultimately both the Adams escape without any of them held guilty.

This is certainly against the “DIVINE JUSTICE”. It is obvious that when things get beyond the hands of we mortals, the spiritual Lord's Divine Hands do justice. After the twins escape the "Human justice", one of them ends up being killed by a bus. This is not elaborate to any great extent as it gives the story a sinister appeal. Hence, to answer your question, this is a clear cut manifestation of divine vengeance in the story.


Hope sum of it is applied to our politicians :)