What was it like living thru WWII?

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Living through WWII was, of course, very different for different people, depending on how old they were, what sex they were, where they lived, etc.  Perhaps if you could be more specific about what aspect of life during WWII you are talking about, we could be more helpful.

For example, my American grandmother was affected by WWII mainly because it took her husband away from here for at least a couple of years.  She was luckier than some because he was not really in combat and was only away for 2 years, but still, she had to raise their first child by herself for those years and had to worry to some extent about whether her husband would live through the war.  In addition, she had to deal with all the shortages that were going on in the US during that time.

By contrast, my father was a 5 year old in the Philippines when the war started and the Japanese invaded his island.  For him, the experience of the war was very different.  For him it meant being taught by Japanese teachers and being forced to be subordinate to the occupiers.  It, later on, meant having to run away and hide in the mountains when the Japanese destroyed his town before they retreated.

As you can see, different people experienced the war very differently.

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