Are there ghosts or is there a God, and how do we know?I want to be a unique person.

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question about whether ghosts exist and whether God exists is a complicated and interesting one. Both of these things are usually entirely based on personal opinion.

A ghost is generally considered to be a person that has died and cannot move on to another level or which comes back for some reason or another, perhaps unfinished business. People have supposedly photographed and recorded ghosts but whether these photographs and recordings are real is based on personal opinion.

The concept of God is also based on personal opinion. This is usually based on religious faith.

bolano | Student

In my opinion god and ghost are inside us.I also said that our Heart is Ghost and our Brain is God. Weak heart is a ghost and wise/thinking brain is the god. If we control one another will not appear.

if we make our heart weak then we will see the ghost if we think by our brain then its say ok that is god.

In every step of our life heart makes us confused but brain say it is right.

Think 4 a while.

meganp0504 | Student

yes there are ghost and yes there is a god.Ghost are people who havent moved on and god is who created us

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