Do the speaker's actions in the poem match his words? Why or why not?  

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No, the speakers actions do not match his words.

In the poem, the speaker is helping his neighbor repair the stone wall between their properties. They do this every spring because, for various reasons, such as weather and hunters, the wall is damaged and stones fall away, leaving big gaps. As the speaker puts it:

Something there is that doesn't love a wall

The speaker, however, inwardly rebels against this repair work. He sees no reason for there to be a wall between their properties. His neighbor grows pine trees, and he has an apple orchard. As he puts it:

My apple trees will never get across
And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.
In other words, it is not as if either of them has livestock that can wander away and cause damage.
Nevertheless, his neighbor persists in saying "good fences make good neighbours." He learned this from his father, and he is going to stick to tradition, even if the tradition makes no sense. When the speaker pointedly asks his neighbor why good fences make good neighbors, he still stubbornly refuses to address the question. The speaker is left frustrated, doing a task his mind tells him is senseless.

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In Robert Frost's poem, "The Mending Wall," the speaker questions the need for a wall to stand between his own property and his neighbor's property. In the poem, the narrator jokes about the stones in the walls, saying that to make them balance, they have to “use a spell,” and say, “Stay where you are until our backs are turned!” Later he wants to question the neighbor who says, “Fences make good neighbors.” The narrator wants to ask, “Why do they make good neighbors?” but he does not. At still another point he wants to say ‘Elves’ are doing the damage to the wall, but he does not say this either. His words within the poem are playful but he does not speak them to his neighbor. His actions are straightforward and serious; he repairs the wall just as his neighbor does. The contrast of the words he thinks and his actions show the difficulty he has communicating with his neighbor and probably other people as well. 

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