What is an argument that says global firms have no responsibility to prevent cultural damage? Some have argued that globalization is a negative process because it can destroy national cultures.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An argument for this point of view should stress that keeping national cultures as they are is not the responsibility of business.  It should go about this in two ways.

First, it should note that national culture is not a static thing.  National cultures change all the time, with change being caused by various factors.  It is unrealistic to expect that national cultures will remain constant over time.

Second, even if it is desirable to keep national culture from changing, that is not the concern of business.  A business cannot hamstring itself by refusing to act in ways that will change a national culture.  For example, it makes no sense for McDonald's to refrain from entering a new market.  If McDonald's does not bring Western fast food to the market, some other firm will.  It is not fair to expect McDonald's to sacrifice its own interests in hopes of preserving a national culture.  If the country wants its culture preserved, then its government must ban all firms/actions that might harm it.  It cannot simply leave it up to firms.