Do plants have sex?Do plants have sex?... Another weird homework assignment from my odd-bod teacher. The answer's no, right?

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Plants reproduce sexually, but not in the way that animals do. Plants send put parts that mix with other parts, and that process is similar to the way animals reproduce, biologically. However, no, plants do not "have sex" but they do reproduce sexually.
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The sexual reproduction of some plants is not all that different from that of some animal species.  The plants spread pollen, which eventually fertilizes the "female" parts of other plants when it is carried by wind or other methods. Some fish species do exactly the same thing--the males spray pollen in the water over a nest of unfertilized eggs, and fertilize them.

Both are sexual reproduction.

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They don't physically go and have sex with one another, of course.  However, they can reproduce sexually.  That is generally what is going on when one plant is pollinated by another plant.

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yes plants have sex by pollination. instead of male sperm they have pollens that fertilize eggs.

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Flower of plants do have different parts that may be identified with males and female functions of reproduction. These are pistils corresponding to female function, that contain eggs,  and stamens corresponding to male function that produce pollens for fertilizing the eggs.

Of course plants also reproduce by other methods which do not involve sexually differentiated function. All such methods are forms of cloning.