How would I conclude an essay on Krapp's Last Tape?

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It is difficult to provide specific advice without knowing the thesis of your essay.  Assuming you have done some analysis of the play, whether on its dramatic qualities, themes of the story, or something else, a conclusion can be written following a basic formula.  The order of your sentences in a conclusion paragraph is completely up to you, but effective conclusions typically contain the following:

  1. A restatement of the thesis - not necessarily worded exactly as it was worded in the introduction.
  2. A review of the sub-topics which the essay covered - simply cover again what you discussed in the body of the essay, briefly.
  3. A final conclusive remark about the main idea of the essay - this statement basically answers the question, "So what?" about the whole essay.
  4. A personal opinion - either about the topic of the essay or the text on which the essay was written.  A well done conclusion will find a way to tie the text and the topic of the essay together, and comment.
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