Do natural disasters affect a country in a positive or negative way? If so, why?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In general, it is hard to see how natural disasters could affect a country in a positive way.  But I'll try to give some ways that they might have both positive and negative effects.  The negative effects are obvious:

  • Natural disasters can lead to huge loss of life -- look up some of the disasters that Bangladesh has suffered over the years.
  • They can destroy huge amounts of property.

If I had to identify a positive impact, the only ones I can think of are:

  • They could bring people together as they work to help each other recover
  • They could help to point out the weaknesses in a country's system of government (the earthquake in Mexico City in 1985 helped expose the shortcomings of their government, you could argue Katrina did the same with ours).

Overall, though, disasters are surely a net negative for a country.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It really depends on the natural disaster. If the natural disaster is so large that it destroys the whole country, then it is surely negative. However, if the natural disaster is of a scale that is "manageable", it can have beneficial results, even if there are some negative consequences. The reason for this is that people usually learn through suffering. Without hardship and challenges, people usually do not grow. So, for there to be natural character and moral excellence, there will need to be some sort of hardships. In this sense, natural disasters can produce some good things.

tmray7 | Student

Natural disasters or just disasters period usually have a positive impact.  Disasters bring communities together for a common cause.  Look at 911 it brought a country together in a time of crisis.  These disasters also help us learn from our mistakes.  Example: Katrina the problems in Louisiana had nothing to do with the actual hurricane it had to do with the man made levees that keeps New Orleans from going below sea level.  When these levies broke it wiped out an entire community.  But it also brought a community together that did not know each other.  Many cities throughout the south reached out to the victims and welcomed them into their homes and communities offered them comfort, material objects that had been lost or destroyed, and just a shoulder to cry on.

thatnerdyguy101 | Student

The good outcomes is that could "kill off" some overpopulated animals such as humans and they could destroy some property nobody wanted or was about to be demolished.A negative outcome outcome would be obviosly destroyed property and the mess.Also animals would get their habitats destroyed or food source destroyed and be forced to find something new.



ellebelle99 | Student

It definitley affects a country in a negative way. Think earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and more. What would that do to the government? it would fall apart!!!!!!!! People not having a home. Children with no parents. People losing their families. Millions of lives lost.

The only positive thing from natural disasters is people being more aware of what could happen to them. Some people dont even know what natural disasters are and that they could affect them.