Do middle schools have more facilities than elementary or high schools?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to your question is one open for debate and depends on which school system is considered.  The word facilities suggests many things  such as the number of library books, the number of practice fields, which kind of computers or devices like i-pods are available to students.  Time honored tradition used to have it be all top down with the high schools getting the most, the middle schools next with the elementary schools considered last.  Now, with the knowledge of how important the beginning school years are for a child's learning, the curve has reversed some ways.  Athletic facilities still go to the high schools with the curriculum amenities going to the elementary schools.  Middle schools used to be the last ones considered but that is also changing.  Now, the facilities or curriculum amenities are being much more evenly distributed.  So, my answer to your question is that middle schools don't usually have more facilities than other schools.