Do lions stay in groups? Where do they live (I do not want the country. I want where do they live in the country ex: cage, nest).

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Lions usually live in groups called prides and they are quite social. A pride usually consists of approximately seven females, their cubs, and one or two males. The job of the male is to defend their territory and protect the females. There are also lions that are called nomads. This is because they either travel alone or with another lion.

In Africa, lions can be be found in the savannah grasslands and they like to use trees to shade themselves. The young lions are usually kicked out of the pride around three years of age. They stay together becoming nomads until they take over another pride.

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Lions do actually live in groups, they are called prides.  These groups are relatively large, consisting of a total of up to 10-15 lions including related females and their cubs and one or two males.  They work together in hunts in order to be more effective and share in the kills.

There are lions that do not live in these groups or are excluded and then are found as nomads singly or in groups of two.

They often prefer to live in grasslands or other similar areas where they can take advantage of their coloring and other factors to sneak up on their prey as they are not capable of long bursts of speed to catch prey.

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