Do Henry Higgins and Eliza end up together?

Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle do not end up together. Eliza marries Freddy.

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In Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, Professor Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle do not end up together. They both seem to want to be together, as Eliza is certainly attracted to Higgins, and Higgins at the very least admires Eliza.

Eliza and Higgins argue fiercely in the last act. Eliza implies that she will not return to Higgins's house (she has been staying with his mother). Higgins takes her for granted, she says. He ignores her and is rude to her, and she firmly declares that she will not marry him. He hasn't asked her to marry him, but this statement implies that Eliza wishes he would.

Higgins, for his part, is furious that Eliza is considering marrying Freddy. He declares that Freddy is a fool and that he will not have his “masterpiece thrown away on Freddy.”

The play ends without resolution. Higgins gives Eliza a list of errands that she says she will not do. He tells his mother that he is positive Eliza will obey him, and he seems to take for granted that she will return to his house. The epilogue, however, tells us that Eliza actually marries Freddy and sets up her own flower shop. According to the narrator, she continues to be a part of Higgins's life, nagging him unmercifully and arguing with him continually.

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