Do the followers make a difference in whether a leader is effective?

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Yes, followers can make a difference in whether a leader is effective. Their ability to support the leader helps move the organization forward. Likewise, a good follower should also speak their mind when they see the leadership is not heading in the right direction. Sometimes the leader may be too caught up in their duties that they take some things for granted. A good follower keeps the leader in line and makes sure that they are performing their duties accordingly. In addition, a follower knows the market well and understands people. This is because most followers perform tasks that involve a lot of interaction with the public. In this sense, a follower can advise a leader on recent market trends and help them make informed decisions.

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Good followers complement good leaders like salt complements pepper. The one is not without the other, and it's just as difficult to be a good follower as it is to be a good leader. Here's the give and take on good leaders vs. good followers: 

A good leader advises, never orders. A good follower takes the advise and carries out the tasks given, and if he has a question or doesn't understand something he asks. A good leader listens politely and gives immediate feedback.

Even the best of leaders can make mistakes. When he sees those mistakes, a good follower doesn't criticize or point the finger of blame.  Instead, he politely and discreetly suggests ways to improve or rectify the situation. The good leader takes the wise counsel of a good follower. 

Both good leaders and good followers recognize that they're a team.

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