Does everyone need to take energy drinks?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As demands on people become greater, individuals may become more susceptible to seeking an "alternative" source of energy.  This foray might lead them to domains which might hurt their bodies or minds.  As far as the consumption of energy drinks go, certainly, taking these might be better than taking other forms of energy enhancement.  However, there are some very strong warnings against free wheeling and unrestrained consumption of energy drinks.  Some studies have found the blood pressure increases with consumption of some energy drinks, while other examinations have found that not enough information on the labels are given.  The reality is that anything that is marketed as a "boost of energy" is or acts like a drug and like all drugs there has to be precautions taken in its consumption.  The larger, and more dangerous, issue would be that individuals feel the need to "generate issue" from an outside or external source.  If individuals need this boost over a prolonged period of time, there might be some cause for concern.  I would suggest that while there are those who feel the need to consume energy drinks, this might be something that needs to be avoided and not something that has to be done by everyone.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The utility of so called energy drinks is highly debatable. There is no accepted definition of what constitutes energy. Any soft drink advertised as energy drink gets the tag of energy drink. Typically energy drinks rely more on action of stimulants rather than energy or calories contained in the drinks themselves. Typically energy drinks contain substances such as caffeine, vitamin B, ginsberg, and other herbs that act as stimulants.

Use of energy drinks may be useful to improve levels of physical performance and alertness in certain situation. However regular use of strong energy drinks may not be advisable. And most certainly, energy are in no way essential for all people. At best, energy drinks may be considered as one among many sources of some essential nutrients and other non-essential additional stimulants.

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