Do enote editors correct essay as well?

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Editors at enotes will correct portions of your essay.  If you want to get a lot of opinions, you can paste paragraphs from your essay into a discussion post.  To create a new discussion, go here:

Make sure you give your discussion post a clear title, such as “essay introduction help” or “help on Huck Finn essay.  Then post your paragraph.  Be sure to ask specific questions.  If you make a discussion post, more than one editor will review your paragraph and give you suggestions on grammar and content.

If you want more detailed feedback from one person, you can make a post in the Q&A section of the Essay Lab group.

Again, you will get better feedback if you are specific.

Since you are an enotes member, you can ask more than one question per day!  Since you are a premium member, you will get first priority from enotes editors.

I have found some examples for you to look at on the link here:[]=Answered