The Interpretation of Dreams

by Sigmund Freud
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From a psychological point of view, explain if  dreams have any meaning.

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There are many different ways that this question can be approached.  One particular way to do so would be to use the work of Freud, who believed that dreams are a reflection of our subconsciousness.  The conscious level for Freud is how individuals operate in society and this is predicated upon repression.  Freud believed that social acceptance and advancement required repression of the subconscious, the layer of human identity that might express thoughts and actions that are deemed inappropriate by society and could be rejected.  Individuals repress these urges or feelings and the only way that this subconscious can find voice is through dreams, when the individual's conscious is completely submerged in slumber.  In the end, dreams become the critical piece in Freud's thought to explain how the individual possesses a layer of complexity and a condition or part of their own identity that has to be understood and deciphered in order for human beings to be fully content.

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