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Do different languages create different worlds?    Please, lots of examples & references :) Thanks. 

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In a manner of speaking, yes.  It depends on the definition of langauge you choose.  If you are talking about the different dialects spoken on the Earth, all 3000-6000 of them, there are subtle differences created within the realm of those speaking those languages.  The difference between an American home, English home, Spanish home, Arabic home, and Chinese home may be subtle or stikingly different in customs and everyday life.  What is valued in the Chinese home, as a general rule, may not be valued in the Spanish home, or the American home.  This difference can have an influence in culture and economics as nations coexist with each other in the global marketplace.

Another way to look at this would be to reverse the terminology of the question.  Do different worlds create different languages?  If we look at the issue from this perspective, we could develop a logical argument that the priorities and focus from different worlds might have a very real influence on the development of that worlds language.

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