Do I cite both the book and enotes separately or just the book cause that is where the information came from? See below for more information. I used 2 eNote summaries of books and the books themselves in research for my university essay.

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This is a great question. If you used two book summaries from enotes, then you need to cite these summaries in your bibliography. And if you quote them, you will need to cite this as well. The way you do this is as follows.

On each study or summary guide, there is a citation button. It is located on the right side, under the title. When you click it, you will see a new page with a citation. For example, if you were citing, The Iliad, you would see:

"Introduction." Epics for Students. Vol. 1. Gale Cengage, 12 Mar, 2012 <>

Also you will need to cite the books that you used in your bibliography. Keep in mind that when you use a quote from the book, you will need to cite this as well.

The general rule of thumb is this, if you are using one primary source, and two study guides from enote, then you have three works to cite.


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