The Importance of Being Earnest Questions and Answers
by Oscar Wilde

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Do the characters exemplify society? If so, how? In the play "The Importance of Being Earnest" Do the characters exemplify society? If so, how? In the play "The Importance of Being Earnest"

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Algernon, in his infinitely contradictory ways, was summoning Lane's moral values and condemning them whereas he had no values of his own. What is funny about that statement is that it was the aristocracy (back then) who was viewed as the people whose job was to "set the example".  Since Algernon cannot possibly do that, he once again twisted it all around and basically said about Lane's class what people said about his "What is the value of the Lower classes if they cannot set the example". As far as materialism and superficiality, leave it to the Victorians- they were experts in those matters.

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epollock | Student

I don't know what examples the aristocracy could set for poor people other than maintain the status quo.

epollock | Student

Isn't it representative of the sometimes superficiality of life where materialism and good looks determine the success or failure of people?  I think it is.

momal | Student
Lane says"It was a misunderstanding between me and that young lady" shows the people didnt like to folow the custon of getting marry , and the rich ones who failed to do anything about it expet poor ones to set an example as Algy says ... Then the love and attention for money is shown for example Lady Bracknell when comes to know about the money cecily is having she starts noticing her. wilde attaks the social behaviour of people as when Gwendelon and cecily decides that they wont be te first one to speak to men but in the very next line Gwendelon says that "Mr. Worthing  i ve something very particular to ask you?"it shows that ppl didnt stick to their words. The society is criticized alot . Gwendelon says"In the matters of grave importance style, not sincerity is a vital thing". People in that society were materialistic like Lady Bracknell says Algy is an extremely, I may say ostentatiously, eligible youngmen. he has got nothing but looks everything". What else one desire , atleast in a society where looks are everything....