Do any of you have a personal life story connecting to a theme in The Outsiders? Do any of you have a personal life story connecting to a theme in The Outsiders?

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This will be a very hard question to answer based upon the fact that I am sure it has been posed by your teacher and he/she is looking for your personal experience with any of the themes illuminated in The Outsiders.

That being said, the themes from Hinton's novel are those of loyalty, search for self, and class conflict. Given that almost all people have dealt with conflict regarding loyalty and/or a search for identity, one of these ideas may be the easiest to answer.

Therefore, to answer the question, one needs to look at anything that has happened in their life where he/she was faced with conflict or issues regarding loyalty. Was there a point in your life where you began to question the loyalty of a friend? Did you share a secret with them and they betrayed you by telling others? If so, then all you would need to do is create a short narrative (a recollection of what happened) regarding the sharing of a secret and how you began to distrust the person who told others.

In regards to the other theme, a search for self, one would only need to write a short narrative about a time in life where he/she began to act out against what their parents, or others in their life, pressured them to be. Questions to ask about this are: Has there been a time in your life where you felt like you were the person everyone else wanted you to be? If so, what did you do to step away from this identity and come to understand your identity on your own?

I really hope that this helps. Without knowing you, it would be really hard to focus the answer any more than I have. Good luck.

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