Do any of Fortunato's words and actions support the narrator's belief that Fortunato is worthy of hatred in "The Cask of Amontillado"?

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Fortunato is annoying, but he definitely does not deserve to die.

Montresor’s argument for killing Fortunato is that he did him a thousand injuries.  Yet there is absolutely no evidence that he did anything to him.  If Fortunato had really done something to Montresor, I doubt he would have gone into the catacombs with him.  He would have been expecting revenge.

What Fortunato is guilty of is being arrogant.  Arrogance probably resulted in him snubbing Montresor or doing some little insult to him that hurt his feelings.  This is what Montresor took to the extreme and decided he needed to die for, because Montresor is mad.

We know that Fortunato is arrogant because he wanted to look at the wine as soon as Montresor said that he was going to have someone else look at it.  Fortunato believed no one else knew as much about wine was he...

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