Do any of the boys get hurt during the attack in A Boy at War?

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Adam and his two friends Davi and Martin went for a fishing expedition on the morning of December 7th 1941. This is despite the fact that Adam’s father, a navy lieutenant, had warned him to distance himself from Davi Mori, who was of Japanese origin, as it would cast their military family in a bad light considering the impending war with Japan. However, Adam took no heed and proceeded with his plan. During their fishing expedition, the boys witnessed Japanese planes drop bombs onto the American ships, including the USS Arizona, the ship in which Adam’s father was stationed. Soon after, the planes turned and started to fire at the boys’ rowboat. The three of them were displaced from the boat and Martin was seriously injured by a piece of wood that pierced through his chest. Adam and Davi helped get Martin back to the shore and onto the Red Cross car, but in the process a soldier attacked Davi and injured him with the butt of his gun. Adam was also injured when a bullet scraped his back but he did not realize it until later on. So yes, all the boys were hurt during the attack.