Do all canadians act like "losers"? Support or reject MacLennan's argument by using evidence from your experiences.scottish canadian writter Hugh MacLennan (1907-1990) observed that the four...

Do all canadians act like "losers"? Support or reject MacLennan's argument by using evidence from your experiences.

scottish canadian writter Hugh MacLennan (1907-1990) observed that the four immigrant groups that helped found Canada-the French, loyalists, scots, and irsh-had all suffered defeats at home or in their adopted land. He wrote that this tradition of being on the "losing side" has had a psychological impact on canadian character: Canadians try noffend, theydo what they are told. 

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I can only comment with the information that is available to me. In my experience, Canadians present a healthy self-esteem. Cordial, for the most part, but sometimes resentful and assertive enough to occasionally give offense, the quintessential Canadian seems to be as much of a winner as a loser.

I'd say more of a winner. 

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This theory is very problematic. For one thing, a "national character" is a really difficult thing to put your finger on. For another, Canada, especially its cities, is a very diverse place, made up largely of people who don't really fit into any of the ethnic categories MacLennan described. Even if they did, it does not necessarily follow that they internalized this aspect of Canadian culture, even if we accept that it exists. It is really difficult to support this kind of claim with much firm evidence.

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It’s an interesting idea, but oversimplified.  Culture is not shaped by one event.  It is impacted by the events you described, but there are other elements that make up Canadian mainstream culture.  All of the founding countries’ values and traditions were incorporated.  Just as with the US, different regions have different attitudes.

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yeah this is a textbook question in my civics class and i don't really kkknow what to answer that