MRNA Sequence

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The function of messenger RNA is transcription. That means it must copy the original DNA message which remains in the nucleus. The RNA can then take the transcribed DNA message out to the cytoplasm and attach to a ribosome where the message can be translated and a protein can be constructed. RNA differs from DNA in that it lacks the nitrogenous base thymine. It has instead, a base called uracil. Base pairing rules are the same as with DNA, except if there is the base adenine in DNA, since RNA  lacks thymine, substitute the base uracil instead. Therefore, the corresponding mRNA code to your DNA sequence should be, UACGCGUCAAUAACGCUA.

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The convention for converting a DNA code to mRNA code is as follows:

DNA matches with mRNA
A matches with U
T matches with A
G matches with C
C matches with G

Following that convention:


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Thank you!!!! This saved me today during Bio finals! I was able to quickly add this to my case load's notes, the teachers notes only had an example but not a formula or conversation equation. Thank you for the simplicity.

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