DNA divides by a process called ___?

Expert Answers
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The division of DNA into two daughter cells is accomplished by the process of mitosis.

For life to continue, cells must be able to divide and pass along the DNA blueprint to each daughter cell.

Before a cell divides, it carries out the process of DNA replication which forms two complete copies of the organism's genome.

DNA is found inside of chromosomes which in turn contain hundreds to thousands of genes. The cell cycle follows the path a cell travels on its journey from interphase to mitotic cell division and cytokinesis. During interphase, there is the Gap 1 stage where the cell produces organelles and proteins, the S phase when DNA replication occurs and the Gap 2 stage where proteins and organelles are produced.

Once a cell passes through all stages of interphase which is where it spends ninety percent of its life cycle,  it will enter the M or mitotic phase. This phase is very brief but at the end, the replicated DNA is divided between two identical daughter cells which will each have the full DNA complement. After mitosis, cytokinesis separates the cytoplasm between the two daughter cells which pinch apart in animal cells or are divided into two cells by the formation of a cell plate in plant cells.