divide and write the quotient as a mixed number: 16/5  i don't get it.

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cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A fraction is basically a division problem.  Think about 1/4.  This fraction represents 1 whole divided into 4 pieces.

So, in this problem, the first step is to divide 16 by 5.  It will go in 3 times, with a remainder of 1.

The problem says the answer must be in the form of a mixed number -- that is, a whole number and a fraction.

The remainder in division can be expressed as a fraction:  remainder/divisor.   In this case, the remainder is 1/5.

So, the answer is 3 1/5.

atyourservice | Student


the first step is to check how many times 5 would go into 16 as a whole.

The answer should be 3 as 3x5 = 15. So we have our number 3 with a remainder of 1.

that one cant be left alone so you put the 1 on top of the divisor (5), leaving you with:

3 1/5