Divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Label one column “Characteristics of an Effective Public Speaker.” Label the other column “Characteristics of an Ineffective Public Speaker.

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Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Characteristics of an Effective Public Speaker

Characteristics of an Ineffective Public Speaker

Well-researched speech with competent knowledge of the subject

Has a purpose for the speech

Focuses on the audiences needs

A well-practiced speech, in private, before its official presentation

Having a properly outlined speech with a good introduction, body, and conclusion that satisfies the audience

Maintains eye contact with his or her audience

Utilizes succinct notes as a safety net in case of nervousness and to stay on topic in an organized manner

Employs anecdotes, examples, true-life stories, and visual aids if it will enhance the presentation

Lack of quality research material to support the main points of the speech.

A lack of purpose and focus for the speech

Disregard for the audience; seeks to promote him or herself at the audience’s expense

Deciding to ‘wing it’ and not being properly prepared to deliver the speech

A muddled speech that breaks off into tangents not related to the main subject and purpose of the speech

Refrains from eye contact with the audience and appears to be disinterested by looking around the room at the walls –but not the people

In ‘winging it’ and not using notes, especially if a novice speaker, loses his or her audience through having a disorganized presentation

Uses only dry, academic, talk that does not maintain the interest of the audience.

Additional Resource: Hardcover book: The Communication of Ideas - A collection of Monthly Letters published by the Royal Bank of Canada - Twentieth Printing, Revised: February 1972

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