Disuss George Herbert as a metaphysical and religious poet, with reference to his poems "Easter Wings" and "The Collar."I want to know how Herbert represented the theme of religion in these poems.

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Religion is evident in both of Herbert's poems entitled "The Collar" and "Easter Wings." The title of the first poem is clearly religious because the title refers to the collar that a priest wears while employed for the Catholic church. The speaker of both poems also personally addresses God by say, "Lord" or "My Lord." Both poems also suggest a personal and committed relationship between the speaker and the one he's addressing because it is through this relationship that the speaker creates the poems themselves. In the first poem, the speaker is frustrated about not seeing the fruits of his labor (a biblical reference) and realizes that the fruit is in his heart; even then, it isn't until he hears a voice saying, "Child" that he responds by saying, "My Lord." In the second poem, the title gives away the theme of religion again by mentioning the Christian holiday of Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Christ. There is a definite relationship between the speaker and the Lord here as well when the speaker says that his life wouldn't be what it is without his Lord.

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