Distinguish between Brutus and Cassius as conspirators in "Julius Caesar".The word limit is 1500 words. This is my final project.Explain the basic difference between the these two...

Distinguish between Brutus and Cassius as conspirators in "Julius Caesar".

The word limit is 1500 words. This is my final project.

Explain the basic difference between the these two characters. The following should be given importance: their behaviour, love for caeser, how they regard anthony, etc.

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Cassius originally comes up with the idea to kill Caesar. Cassius sided with Pompey and is still convinced that Caesar is not fit to rule Rome. Cassius believes that Caesar will become a tyrant. In order to get Brutus to join his cause, Cassius manipulates Brutus in to thinking this will be for the good of Rome, when, really, it can be inferred that a lot of what is driving Cassius is anger and jealousy.

Brutus, on the other hand, struggles with the decision to kill Caesar. Brutus was also with Pompey's, but Caesar pardoned Brutus and gave him a position in the Senate. Because of his kindness and the reaction of the plebians, Brutus struggles with the moral dilemma. Eventually, Brutus decides that his love and desire to do good for Rome outweigh his loyalty to Caesar.

Brutus and Cassius then switch positions, as far as power is concerned. Brutus becomes the leader of the enterprise and Cassius, a wary second-in-command. Cassius suggests they kill Antony as well--Antony is incredible loyal to Caesar. Brutus denies this, feeling Antony can do little without Caesar. Brutus ends up being wrong--Antony gets the men run out of town.

Even through Brutus' intentions, as he tells us, were honorable, he ends up making poor decisions that cost him his life. He refuses to listen to Cassius--who seems to be a bit more cautious--and marches into battle. Both Cassius and Brutus die; however, Brutus' suicide is slightly more honorable and he is given a proper burial.

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