Distinguish between anti-social and pro-social behaviorPsychology unit 2

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Antisocial behavior is classified as a personality disorder. There is a violation of the rights of others and a pattern of disregarding those rights. Some authors use the term sociopathy to describe antisocial behavior. Hallmarks of antisocial behavior include manipulation and deceit. In general, people with antisocial behaviors do not conform to accepted social norms, they may destroy property, harass others, steal, lie, and cheat in order to satisfy personal desires. They are frequently in trouble with law enforcement for a variety of reasons stemming from their behavior. They may also display a disregard for personal safety as evidenced by, for example, driving habits.

Behavior that is pro social are behaviors that are in sharp contrast to antisocial ones. Kindness, consideration, and law abiding behaviors are evident. Individuals conform to and accept the norms of the community in which they live.

DSM-IV-TR/p. 702,703

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