Parrot and Olivier in America

by Peter Carey

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Discusss the implications of Wordsworth's "philosphical" antithesis of poetry and science? Please explain this question in complete sense. Thanks

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There are some strong implications that arise from Wordsworth's beliefs on the nature of epistemology.  The notion of destabilizing science as the primary way in which one interacts with the world is a very powerful element in Romantic thought  The unquestioned nature of science is something that was taken as understood until Wordsworth and other Romantic thinkers entered the dialogue.  The result of their contributions were notions that individual and subjective experience can have more primacy and importance than a scientific manner of exploring the world.  At the same time, the valuing of individual narrative was a direct response against the standardization offered by Neoclassicist thinkers and the Enlightenment.  This helped to foster the first embers of modernism and post modern thought, which argued against totality and, in flipping the Romantic conception of the good, argued that the only narrative left is the individual one, forever to be grasping at figments and fragments of what once was and what will never be.

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