Discusss the effectiveness of the intervention steps that were taken to address the explosion in Toulouse, France.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there has to be more clarification on "intervention steps." Some level of ineffectiveness is evident in the disaster at the AZF Factory explosion in Toulouse.  If one is going to accept the standard idea that this was employee negligence, then I think that some of the intervention steps were not being followed.  If the employee misread the labels on the canister, it is very unfortunate, but some effectiveness of the intervention steps was minimized.  Again, more clarity is needed about what exactly these "intervention steps" would be and if we are discussing steps before the accident or after it.  I think that if one were to accept the other or alternate version put forth in 2004 by members of the French government that the accident was terrorist related, then I would think that if this was the case, the intervention steps designed to prevent such an occurrence were really lax and not effective.  If Hassan Jandoubi really was a fundamentalist with terrorist leanings, then the intervention steps that would prevent someone like that in such close contact with chemicals like that were truly ineffective.  I think that either way one goes there has to be greater detail and clarification as to what is meant by "intervention steps."