Who were Nell and Nagg? What are some questions I can ask a class for a group discussion on "Endgame"?

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"Hamm’s parents, Nagg and Nell, having lost their legs many years ago in a bicycle accident, live in ashbins from which they occasionally emerge only to be cursed by their son." Some questions you might consider for a class discussion are:

1.       What's the setting of the play?

2.       Who are the characters?

3.       What is their physical and emotional condition?

4.       What kinds of disabilities afflict them?

5.       Who is Hamm?

6.       Given the play's reference to a game of chess, is Hamm conceived of as a king?

7.       If he is, what is the role of Clov?

8.       How does he relate to his parents, Nagg and Nell?

9.       What is the nature of the relationship between Hamm and Clov?

10.   Is their relationship based on reciprocal friendship or the exercise of power?

11.   Why does Hamm order Clov to inspect the outside world through the window?

12.   Why do Nagg and Nell live in garbage cans?

13.   How is Beckett addressing or employing biblical stories

14.   What is the meaning of the characters' names?

15.   Is Hamm capable of love?

16.   Does Clov leave the stage at the end?

17.   What is the greatest fear that all the characters share in this play?

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