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I need to write about views relative to pre-marital sex. What are the arguments for and against it?

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This sounds as if it is intended to reflect your own personal opinion on the subject.  Perhaps it would be helpful for you (in making your decision) to have some breakdown as to potential arguments for and against.

There are also quite a few arguments against or for abstaining from premarital sex.  There are quite a few unintended consequences that could stem from premarital sexual activity.  Nearly 300,000 babies are born to teen mothers yearly.  Without the legality of marriage, a male partner would have no formal obligation to the female in this instance. There are over one million people currently living with HIV in the United States.  As people engage in premarital sex, particularly with multiple partners, they put themselves at risk for STDs including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and the like.  Finally, engaging in premarital sex might cause a person to feel remorse at what they might not be able to share with a later partner at a time when they feel more emotionally ready.

There are several arguments for premarital sex.  First, if the sexual activity is with someone who might potentially become a spouse, premarital sex permits the person to gauge sexual compatibility (arguably a large factor in later marital satisfaction) prior to making a lifelong commitment.  Second, premarital sex in general may lead to a greater sense of one's own sexuality and one's own preferences.  Likewise, having sex with more than one partner could help the person understand options more.

Please see the CDC website in the references for information about teen pregnancy and STD statistics.