Discuss your experiences with technology and how comfortable you are using technology both personally and professionally.

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This is personal question, and an answer must be drawn from your personal experiences with technology and examples from your own life.  To help you out, let’s think about the pervasiveness of technology and all the different ways we experience it today.

Consider all the ways people use technology in a personal capacity – do you have a smartphone or a laptop?  Maybe you have a tablet or an e-reader – do you use these things every day?  You can probably download an app or transfer a podcast from your laptop to your iPhone without even concentrating; it’s second nature.  I would imagine most people have a very high level of comfort with these sorts of personal technological devices.  In addition, these things are changing the way we experience the world and the way we process information.  If we want to learn about the constellations, we can simply go to the app store and download Night Sky Tools or something similar – no need to go to the library and check out books and...

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