Discuss why new technology, restaurants, immigration, and style of dress reflect globalization. What is the reaction to this globalization from the sociological perspective?

Globalization is manifested in any aspect of life as new ideas and products circulate among people around the world. New technology facilitates rapid exchange of ideas, industrialization often increases immigration, and demand for consumer goods likewise tends to increase. The sociological perspective addresses the impact of globalization throughout society, including perpetuation of the status quo as contrasted to social change. It also explores the different impact of globalization through factors such as class, race, and gender.

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The impact of globalization is felt in all walks of life. It includes both new ideas and new products that are exchanged among the people of every nation in the world. Technology is an important aspect of globalization largely because it encourages communication of new ideas. Cell phones and social media provide good examples, as users can enter virtual communities. The industrial expansion that is generally required to build new products and communication systems also tends to increase immigration, both within and among countries. Manufacturing cell phones and creating the physical infrastructure for the global networks stimulate a demand for labor, so people move to cities where the jobs are. As cash economies are strengthened, demand for consumer goods and related services also generally increases. Rather than cooking at home, workers may eat out. Cheaply mass-produced clothes are often substituted for traditional dress made by artisans.

The sociological perspective considers how all aspects of globalization articulate throughout society. While sociology takes the economic aspects into consideration, the focus is on the impact on social systems such as the family and community. Sociologists examine instances where the status quo is perpetuated as well as try to understand the motors that drive social change. Along with the broadest social impact, sociology addresses shifts in hierarchy and inequality. Among the significant factors that shape different experiences of globalization are class, race, and gender. For example, when a new factory is built to produce cell phones, sociologists can address the impact on the employment of female and male immigrant workers.

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