Discuss why the management of health records is somewhat different from the management of other records, such as financial or corporate records.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Health records are, for the most part, the collected records of individual patients and the care they have received.  This means the medical office is maintaining large numbers of individual files, and securing them because of each of those individuals' right to privacy under the law.  So mainly, the goal of the record keeping and management is not the same as it would be in the corporate or financial world.

While the organizational systems may be similar, and while all of these types of industries have laws and regulations they must comply with, financial and corporate recordkeeping is to protect intellectual property such as patents, to conduct the numerous banking transactions any business must undertake, and to make sure the company is paying taxes etc.  The only individual files they would keep are the accounts they have with client companies, which, while still private, are private out of business self-interest, not out of compliance with privacy laws.