Discuss why management is an art and a science.no

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The previous post raised some very strong points.  On one level, management can  be considered a science because there are specific operational definitions associated with it.  Practices, principles, and basic paradigms are posted in specific situations, with results being hypothesized as to their effectiveness.  Management is a science because the experimentation with specific styles of management leads to definite results and certain conditions impact its development.  At the same time, there is an artistic aspect to management because it involves a spirit of uniqueness and individuality in order to make it work.  The external results and studies of management can be implemented in specific situations, but the defining element to all management is the unique spirt of the individual who is able to balance all the demands of management, from administrative responsibilities, to fiscal responsibility, to personality navigation, as well as other elements.  Management can be seen as an art here because it's the specific individual's subjective sensibility that allows these elements to happen.

shafiq321 | Student

"Management is acutely planning  , organizing, coordinating ,directing ,motivating and achieving the set goals"Management of different aspects need different management styles .

for example in economics management is regarding factor of production ,while as human resource its management of people.

Management is taking inputs ,transforming those inputs in good or services with effectiveness when resources are limited .while science is the collection of systematic knowledge and collection of truths after a continuous research and experiments .the relation ship between limits and variables are defined.science has following three specific characters .

  1. its very systematic
  2. we arrive at result through the continuous experiments
  3. its has logically defined principals which are applicable universally

management principals is evolved through continuous chaining in the human behavior while in science to reach a specific conclusion we keep the one variable constant and reach the results. so we can say that management is science because all the factors are widely varying


on the other hand the Art is known principals and rules to use the skills expertise to reach the desired results.the main points how to get thing done in desired manner to reach at desired results new method can be adopt to improve the old process and to improve the past experience ,effective management is the same as the art so management defiantly and art .

Management has two faces of pictures one side is art and other is science. Management has specific principals which constitute the points of science and its has talent and skills like and art

krishna-agrawala | Student

The practice of management can be considered an art as well as a science because effective management requires use of knowledge developed and made available using the methods of scientific investigation, as well as skills that require use of interpersonal abilities and creativity which are beyond the the reach of science as yet.

Managers can benefit from a very wide range of understanding, tools and techniques that have been developed using scientific knowledge derived from a wide range of subjects including behavior sciences, economics, and mathematics. Scientific fields like ergonomics and cybernetics  play major role in design and management of work. The entire field of work study including time study and motion study is founded on use of scientific methods for design of work and work systems. Mathematics is used widely in analyzing situation requiring management decisions and in optimizing such decisions. Mathematical models like linear programming, statistical quality control, and simulation are used by managers across the world to improve managerial decision making.

However no manager can succeed by use of scientific method alone. Manager are also required to possess skills of interpersonal management that can only be developed through practice. Also managers need to think beyond the logic of science to develop innovative and creative plans, programs, and methods. Frequently the managers must be able to create a vision of future just like an artist visualises a new painting or a sculpture.