Discuss why documentation is so important to the disciplinary process.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Proper documentation is extremely important in the disciplinary process for two main reasons.  One is legal and the other is more concerned with the smooth running of the firm.

On the legal side, proper documentation is important so that the firm can protect itself from being sued.  Let us look at two examples that illustrate why this is so.  First, a firm may find itself trying to fire an employee who has been disciplined many times.  However, if the firm has not properly documented this, the employee can claim that they had not been disciplined before and/or that they had not been informed that they were doing anything wrong.  Second, the firm may be faced by claims that it disciplines in a haphazard and arbitrary way.  Documentation can prove that its discipline is systematic and consistent, thus protecting it from lawsuits.

On the efficiency side, proper documentation is important to ensure that discipline is being carried out in the right way.  It is important that managers know that they must document what an employee has done wrong.  This deters them from disciplining employees for imagined offenses.   Proper documentation also assures workers that discipline is being handled in a professional manner and makes them more likely to be satisfied with their bosses and motivated to work well.