Discuss which religion had the best organizational skills and why ?Discuss which religion had the best organizational skills and why ?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a very interesting question. I would say that Christianity has one of the best organization systems in place. The reason for this is threefold.

First, Christianity has been around for a long time. So, it has passed the test of time. Through trial and error, it was able to create robust structures.

Second, very few religions can boast of truly being global. Christianity can be found in every part of the world. It is certainly not just a western religion. For example, there are more Protestants in Asia than in North America. For this global reach to take place, some very good organizational skills have to be in place.

Third, Christianity has a certain level of hierarchies in place, which creates for good communication. The Catholic church is the perfect example with it bishops, cardinals, and pope.

senioreeto | Student

no doubt ISLAM has the best organization skills in the whole world and to prove this,i have more than 3 reasons,

  1. the freedom and rights given by ISLAM to women cant exactly be found in any other religion.
  2. in the HOLY QURAN,a person can find the guidance for every field of his life.
  3. ISLAM is the superior religion thats why muslims are present all over in the world,especially in non-muslim countries like america,england,canada,etc.
  4. in the HOLY QURAN,the clue about all the secrets of nature have been given and all the great western scientists had become able to make new discoveries after reading this HOLY QURAN.
  5. ISLAM gives equal rights to every person of the society,also to the non-muslims in order to create a peaceful environment in the whole world.thats why it has been said that ISLAM is the religion of peace.
  6. the judicial system of ISLAM is the key for the welfare of a society.                      i can give u a lot of more examples but i think,these are enough to prove the superiority of ISLAM .
aaana | Student

Islam <3