Discuss which character in the drama reinforces the idea that, 'People often need to clutch on to delusions in order to deal with reality'?

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The character that seems to embody the idea of clutching to delusions would have to be Blanche.  She represents this in a variety of ways.  Blanche is shown to be an individual who cannot deal with the paradigm shift of power in the new America.  From a time when she used to have power on Belle Reve, the new owners of power are people like Stanley.  The primitive and machismo of Stanley seems to be where power lies.  This leaves someone like Blanche on the outside.  Her romanticizing of Belle Reve and even the delusion that she can pry Stella from her husband back into her column is reflective of how much Blanche needs delusions and illusions in order to function in reality.  The delusional nature that Blanche embodies comes out in the end of the narrative when she goes with the doctor "depending on the kindness of strangers."  It is here where Blanche exposes both her uniquely human condition and one in which she represents a particular need for her delusions.  The dependence on others and her belief that she will be cared for by these individuals represents the height of her delusion, something that she needs in order to deal with what reality is.

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