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Will the strategies Starbucks uses to motivate its employees (seen in the link below) have a lasting impact? The strategies Starbucks uses to energize its employees in the areas of employee learning, ownership, and involvement. "How Starbucks Energizes Its Employees."  

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First of all, it is worth noting that the article in the link was written in 2000.  The fact that Starbucks is still a thriving company suggests that the strategies described in the article have, in fact, had a lasting positive impact.  This makes sense because the strategies described in the article are in line with many theories of employee motivation.

One of the ways in which employees can be motivated is by making them feel they have a stake in the performance of the company as a whole.  The “Bean Stock” program described in the article does just this.  By giving the employees an opportunity to own stock in the company, it makes them feel as if the company is important to them.

Another major way to motivate employees is to give them the chance to learn and to progress to more responsible jobs.  The programs mentioned in the article do this as well.  All of the training that is required of employees makes them feel as if their job is important and more of a profession than just another job.  The ability to attend forums and share their ideas with senior officials make them feel that they can have input and that they are being encouraged to think in ways that will allow them to progress up the corporate ladder.

For these reasons, it is likely that these strategies have had a lasting impact and will continue to do so.

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