Discuss whether or not The Runaway Bunny has a good ending.

One could argue that the ending of The Runaway Bunny creates a clever juxtaposition with the rest of the story or that it teaches a worthwhile life lesson.

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To make a claim about whether the ending of The Runaway Bunny was good or not, one will probably have to talk about what qualifies as a good or bad ending for a story. Some people could prefer dramatic endings. They want their stories to conclude with gusto and flair. These people might be disappointed with the ending of Margaret Wise Brown’s children’s book.

For most of the story, the little bunny speculates about how he’ll run away and go on adventures. He’ll become a mountain climber or a tightrope walker. One could argue that the end doesn’t match the excitement of the rest of the story; therefore, the ending is not so great.

However, others might be of the opinion that what makes a good ending is contrast or an element of surprise. In this context, the ending isn’t bad, because it deviates from the thrilling scenarios that the little bunny imagines. Rather, it’s good because the relatively quiet ending creates a sharp juxtaposition with the rest of the story.

Finally, it’s possible to judge the quality of the end not so much in how it fits in with the rest of the story but with the moral that it might be expressing. Some could claim that the lesson that the story ultimately teaches—that one doesn’t need spectacular exploits; one just needs love and care—is good, which means the ending is good.

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