Discuss what holds readers interest in a novel entitled Jane Eyre.need to discuss in point not in a paragraph writing pliz

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jane Eyre has many characteristics that have endeared the novel to its readers. 

1.  Mystery-- Bronte uses the element of the supernatural to keep readers' interest.  Is Thornfield really haunted, or is Grace Poole crazy? 

2. Characters-- The characters in Jane Eyre are well-developed and capture the readers' imagination.  Readers enjoy watching Jane rise from pitiful orphan to holding her own at Thornfield, and Edward Rochester makes for a dark, mysterious hero.

3. Setting--The gothic setting of Thornfield appeals to readers with its supposed ghosts and dark corridors .

4. Romance-- This novel follows a great romantic plot line, which keeps the reader guessing with some unexpected plot twists.  Just when the reader assumes that Jane and Rochester are meant to live happily ever after, Jane discovers that Edward has been hiding his crazy wife from her all this time. 

5. Timeless Themes--Jane Eyre has stood the test of time, because Bronte's novel has more depth and resonance through its powerful themes of love, forgiveness, faith, gender roles.