Discuss what Cherry sees as the main difference between the Socs and the Greasers, and why she and Ponyboy are the same.

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cherry describes the main difference between the greasers and the Socs as an emotional quality.  In her opinion, the true gulf separating the two groups actually resonates on a much deeper level than material possessions.  When Pony asserts that money separated greasers from Socs, Cherry takes it a step further: 

"It's not just money.  Part of it is, but not all.  You greasers have a different set of values.  You're more emotional.  We're sophisticated--cool to the point of not feeling anything" (38).

To Cherry, the Socs are too cold, impersonal; she and Ponyboy can connect so well together, because they can share how they really feel with each other.  Cherry and Ponyboy share the commonality of enjoying sunsets and understanding that there is much more to them as individuals than a society label.


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