Discuss the wall. What type of person is hung on the wall? What purpose does the wall serve?

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The WALL is the prefect example of public punishment.  The people who are hung on the wall are the people who have committed crimes under the new regime, and their being hung out on posts on the wall is the more dire warning imagineable to anyone who sees those "criminals."  Seeing the death penelty up close and personal is supposed to scare everyone else into compliance.  Even though the criminal/victim is dead, this punishment is also a humiliation, though I suspect that many of those people see their deaths are martyrdom, not humiliation. 

The new regime with its complete overhaul of the roles of all of the women of the society clearly meets with dissent.  The regime knows that all of this change will be hardest on this "first generation" of people who have to live through it.  The regime thinks that they are doing what is best of the continuation of the society, but are naive and hypocritical, and are doomed to fail.