Cry, the Beloved Country

by Alan Paton
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Discuss what Kumalo might do now in "Cry, the Beloved Country". What can he do? What cant he do? chapters 11-17

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At the start of chapter eleven, Stephen Kumalo is nearing the end of thesearch for his son.  We find out that there has been a murder and that Absalom is the prime suspect in the matter.  Once Stephen Kumalo is finally able to talk to his son at the prison he is overcome with peace knowing that he has finally found him and that he is alive and well.  Once the reality of the situation settles in, Stephen is left with few options.  He can mourn for his son, but he cannot do much to help him.  The helplessness of the situation is overwhelming, and all Stephen is able to do is communicate with Absalom's lawyer and turn to his faith in God for guidance and comfort.  In the meantime, Stephen also decides to care for Absalom's girlfriend who is pregnant with his grandchild.  He continues to do as much good as he possibly can despite his overwhelming grief.

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